Tablecloths + Napkins

In addition to the purses + accessories, I have a love affair with simply elegant entertaining. I enjoy the designing, planning, and execution of throwing a show stopping party. Well at least I think it's "show stopping"! I spend countless hours on sourcing and attempting to recreate the gorgeous tables, food, cocktails and desserts that I come across. Despite my endless planning my events usually end up coming together organically through trial and error. I've accumulated many (much to my Husband's dismay! haha) entertaining items through the years, some vintage and some new. 

If you're into entertaining or just pretty pictures visit my Instagram page @tableclothsandnapkins. You'll also see lots of pictures of Cliff + Sophie, the namesakes of this company or better known as the loves of my life (and their Daddy).


Stef (Steffie for those that know me well)