Meet The Team


Much to Cliff's dismay he has to share the CEO position with his younger sister, Sophie.  Cliff has an obsession with greenies, his bed and a fondness for fashion. He enjoys dressing up, mostly because he knows that he will be rewarded with treats! He has his own drawer full of distinctive clothing.



Even though Sophie shares the position, we all know who is truly the BOSS. She is one sassy & chic feline who is all about expressing herself through unique patterns with her own sense of fashion! She is guilty of sleeping all day and arriving fashionably late while Cliff does ALL the work, yet still receives the credit :)




The newest member to join the team, Frank brings a vast knowledge of marketing experience, specializing in Social Media. Frank has an affinity for French fashion and culture (hence the beret!). When Frank isn't posting stories on Instagram he enjoys exploring the yard, admiring himself in his mirror and spending time with his family
Dave A.K.A CFO, A.K.A provider of funds, A.K.A Cliff & Soph's (and Frank's) sugar daddy. Without Dave this dream wouldn't be possible!
Founder, Designer and Real CEO (but don't tell Cliff or Sophie)
Creator of these carefully crafted clutches and so much more! Steffie is a genuine, fun, and carefree soul who is a huge animal lover and truly cares about the environment. She wants to make people feel undeniably beautiful and comfortable in their own skin all while accentuating their look with these handmade clutches. She has an intricate eye for fashion, design and aesthetically pleasing details.